Our Programs

Advocacy in Activism Project

We aim to teach, inspire, and empower youth and young adults to use local, national, and international mechanisms of advocacy to advance their grass roots activism. 

United Nations 101 Workshops

We partner with organizations to host United Nations 101 workshops to build awareness and fluency of the work of the United Nations and its Agencies. 

International Day of the Girl

We are proud to partner with Wayne County Community College District’s Diversity and Inclusion Program (WCCCD) and local NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to host an annual event in commemoration of the United Nations International Day of the Girl (October 11). International Day of the Girl is a day set by the United Nations to encourage its Member States, civil society, and global communities to celebrate the accomplishments of girls worldwide; and to raise awareness and advocacy efforts around the human rights issues girls face. 

Future Programs


Voter Registration and Education Drive

Please check back for updates about our future Voter Registration and Education Drive. We will be encouraging women of all generations to register to vote in preparation for the 2019/2020 elections. All community members will be welcome to register to vote!

Global Coffee Beans and the Supply Chain

We will provide educational workshops in the community on the coffee bean and human rights - the journey from the farm to your cup. We will raise awareness of how local community  members can become more conscious consumers of coffee and how youth and young adults can learn about job opportunities in the supply chain. 

International Women's Day (March 2020)

Check back for more details on how we plan to commemorate International Women's Day on March 8, 2020!